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The Must-Have Makeup Products of the Season

Staying current with today's cosmetics trends doesn't mean you need to hire a make-up artist to follow you around 24/7.  This season's hottest cosmetics are simply fun and gorgeous, and anyone can do it with a little know-how.  You probably already have almost everything you need for this season, with just a few key purchases to update your look.

Let's start with the eyes.  Spring is the time to put away your dark matte winter colors and lighten up!  Sheer colors are very in this year, with everything from green to orange showing up on eyes.  The key is to apply with a light hand and never extend too far from your lid to your brow, or you'll end up looking clownish.  Blue eyeliner has been seen all over the runways this season, but how to do it yourself?  If you are unsure, start with light sheer blues that you can apply with a fine tip.  If you have any blue eye shadows collecting dust now is the time to break them out.  Simply use a slanted brush to apply a light dusting only around the outer edges of your eyes; this is sure to give you a fresh, pretty look without going overboard.

Lips and cheeks should also lighten up for spring.  Glosses should replace heavier winter lipsticks, but any shade goes.  Don't forget to lighten up on the lips if you are playing up your eyes.  Focusing on one feature will help any makeup colors look subtle and natural, even when using some of the more bold spring colors.  Shimmery pink for lips and for cheeks is always a hit, and helps to give anyone a bright youthful glow.

Try to ease up on your foundation use in the spring and summer months.  Overuse of these products can make you feel weighed down and gives your skin a dull appearance.  If your complexion is relatively clear and smooth, opt for oil absorbing sheets rather than loose or pressed powder.  This helps to reduce shine without adding layers of makeup to your face.  If you do use a powder during the hot months, such as a bronzer, try to opt for loose powder since you can apply less.

When it comes to this season's makeup trends, the thing to remember is have fun and experiment!  Buying just one of the new colors can be just enough to update your look and keep your current.


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