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Makeup Bag Secrets of the Celebrities


Have you ever wondered why celebrities seem to look gorgeous no matter where they are and no matter what the moment?  Are they prettier than the rest of us so it’s easy for them?  Not at all – they are just smarter about what their makeup bag holds.  Read on for makeup bag secrets of the celebrities.

Celebrities will tell you having their makeup at their fingertips is their number one priority and it should be for every woman.  That’s not to say you have to pack around 50 pounds of makeup.  Just a tube of lipstick can do a lot to freshen your face.  Actresses like Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Anniston, or Angelina Jole will all tell you that the ultimate makeup bag is really no secret at all. 

You can buy fashionable and trendy makeup bags ranging in size from compact to purse size so even your makeup back can make a fashion statement.  But lets face it.  It’s what we put in it the makeup bag that really counts.  And why is it no matter what size your makeup bag is, it seems to be too small or the makeup you most need at the moment doesn’t appear to have made it into the bag?  It’s time solve that problem by putting together the makeup bag of the celebrities with all their secrets.

Your makeup bag is really a matter of your personal taste.  Choose one that grabs your attention, fits your personality and fits your purse.  There’s no sense buying a huge makeup bag when you pack a tiny purse.  You can buy discount bags for as little as $5.00 or designer makeup bags for as much as $100.00.
The Celebrity makeup bag is based on the assumption that your makeup bag is small to medium in size.  For those that have a tinier bag you’ll have to choose which items to remove.  For those packing a large bag, add all the extras that will fit.

The celebrities tell us the most important thing you need to put in your bag is a small double sided compact mirror.  You can purchase a nice size travel mirror complete with protective cover for around $5.00

The next most important tool for the celebrities are the makeup brushes.  Make sure you have a blush and eyeshadow brush in your bag.  Or you can purchase a compact set of miniature brushed for around $10.00.  That will ensure you’ll have every brush you need.

Now to the makeup.  Jennifer Aniston says your foundation or powder is the absolute most essential makeup bag requirement.  If the original container is too large, then purchase a compact bottle or transfer some to an after market container that seals well.

Angela Jole won’t leave home without her favorite lipstick.  Pick only one or your bags going to get full too fast.   Remember your building a compact version of your real makeup case.  You can add a lip gloss if you like.

Eyeshadow is also a must have for touchup.  Choose a palette of colors you can wear or use anytime.  There is no good way to pack a variety of colors, so it’s best to choose your most reliable colors.  And for heavens sake don’t’ forget to add mascara and eyeliner.

According to the stars you also need to make sure you have your blush.  Now this can be a bit trickier because the containers are a bit big.  Best to look for a flat compact style blush.

To keep you fresh, you can also add some prepackaged facial cleansing cloths, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, and a travel size deodorant.

That’s it, you know now the makeup bag secrets of the celebrities .  All the basics, to get you through the day and have you looking gorgeous.  So what was the big secret?


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